We are thrilled to welcome Hinge Salon, New Orleans to our Ambassadors Program. Looking for a manufacturer committed to their growth and success, they have taken on our two product lines, ARROJO Product and American Wave Hair Care, and were rewarded with a visit from Nick Arrojo. 
Owners Billy Miller and Rachel Reed recently opened Hinge in a beautiful new space close to the Mississippi River in the bustling heart of The Big Easy. In addition to taking on both product lines, Rachel also got certified in our American Wave Service, a modern permanent texture system currently enjoying a cascade of  positive publicity.   
When salon owners become a part of our Ambassadors Program, we commit to ensuring they always feel educated, inspired, set up for success. For the salon opening, Nick Arrojo flew to Louisiana to attend the launch party, and to perform a hair cut demo so guests could get a sense of the brand Hinge has partnered with for products and education.  
With music, refreshments, art installations and the high-minded razor demo from Nick, it was a sophisticated way to introduce a new business to the community. 
“We are so greatly excited to be an Ambassador Salon,” says Rachel Reed. “Having Nick here for the launch was a special touch, and such a great way to kick off the relationship. We announced ourselves with a bang!” 
Co-owner Billy Miller is equally enthusiastic. “It’s exciting to tell our guests that they can pick up their favorite ARROJO Products right here,” he says. 
For Nick Arrojo, it is an example of what can happen when like-minded professionals hinge together. 
“Hinge is a great salon owned by great people,” says Nick. “It’s a beautiful space, Rachel and Billy have a great aesthetic, they are building a fantastic reputation through their passion and creativity. I am so happy to welcome them into the Ambassadors Program. Their success will be our success, and our success will their success.” 
Want to join the ARROJO Ambassadors Program? Please call 212 242 7786 x 215 or email proapply@arrojonyc.com