The Ambassadors Program is our commitment to supply education, inspiration, and a great product line to hairdressers like us. Looking at the big picture, it is immersion in our culture of excellence and integrity, and it is the path to more clients, more referrals, more retail, and growth. But day-to-day, what are the main benefits and points and difference of the program?  Here are five (or more) reasons why the program benefits you.




We’re a salon too. We service 1000 clients weekly. We have trained scores of apprentices in our method, and they are now high-earning stylists for the ARROJO brand. We’ll teach you techniques that are useful on the salon floor. We pride ourselves on being an education brand because education is the key to our success. As an Ambassador, we make education the key to your success, too.






There is no middleman to drive up product purchase prices, meaning you take a greater cut. The retail price point is between $19-30 per product –– your client can purchase a complete hair care system for less than $60. Retail is the great missed opportunity of salon businesses. But hair product is a billion dollar business. So your clients are buying from someone. Shouldn’t that be a professional? Shouldn’t that be you? ARROJO studio retails close to $1 million a year. We’ll show you how we maximize retail by maximizing the relationship, building client loyalty in the process.





For every dollar you spend on purchasing product from us, you can receive Reward Dollars. Use these Reward Dollars to cover the tuition for classes at ARROJO Academy or use them towards the cost of having an ARROJO Academy educator come to your salon. You can also use reward dollars to purchase liters for your back bar, and to purchase station samples that encourage clients to try and to buy.





All of our products are developed and tested on the ARROJO salon floor by ARROJO master stylists. If it doesn’t match our standards, it doesn't go on the shelf. We avoid overly complicated names and flavor of the month marketing schemes in favor of products that work for hairdressers and their clients.








Remember that feeling of inspiration? Remember how it drives you to do better, be better. We feel inspired every day. Why? Because we’re always learning, always growing, always creating. And we love to work with like-minded hairdressers who want to elevate the craft like we do. As an Ambassador, you can be a part of a culture that lives inspiration.











Other Good Stuff:


Technology. With our user-friendly online ordering you can place orders anytime, anywhere. And with our online education subscription Web site, you can study ARROJO techniques at home, watch them as you practice on models or mannequins, and take the gamut of ARROJO education to wherever you go.









Ambassador Summit –– Creative & Collaborative Education: Each year we host “ARROJO Ambassador Summit Meetings” in NYC. These Summits invite scores of stylists into the city to learn new trends and techniques, presentation and teacher training, so that when they go back to their own salons, they can champion and share our signature techniques. Below, watch the two most recent Ambassador Summits.